Tidal swirl

Architect: Yaryna Pevna
Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Total area: 42.2 sq.m

Project year: 2020

The apartment is located in the  heart of Lviv, Ukraine with a breathtaking view of the Cathedral of Saint George.

Situated on the 12th floor, this 42.2 square meter space was designed to meet the needs of long-term rental while staying within a budget-conscious approach.

Originally the apartment consisted of a separate bedroom and a kitchen area, with two balconies.

The challenge  was to transform the apartment into a spacious studio  while maintaining defined living areas.
To achieve this, the existing wall between the bedroom and kitchen was removed, creating a seamless open space studio apartment with a small sleeping area.

The design concept for this project embraces minimalism, creating a serene and elegant atmosphere.
The color palette revolves around a harmonious combination of white, deep blue, and light wood. The choice of white as the dominant color brings a sense of purity and simplicity, while the deep blue accents add a touch of sophistication and depth. The use of light wood elements adds warmth and natural texture, creating a balanced and inviting ambiance.

The layout of the apartment maximizes functionality and provides ample storage solutions, making it ideal for long-term residents. Attention to detail and the use of robust materials in the design ensure that the design of the space is timeless and highly functional.

High-quality, long-lasting materials have been chosen to withstand the demands of regular use, ensuring both comfort and longevity.

Hallway consists of spacious walk-in sloset, and laundry zone.
Design was made with white terazzo flooring and blue accent pouf by “Zegen”.

Bathroom has spacious walk-in shower,  asymmetrical  still balanced design of sink and mirror.

In order to provide a visual distinction and create an interior with different  activity zones, the bedroom was separated from the studio with an industrial grid glass wall.

This choice of room divider creates a sense of privacy in the  bedroom and allows  a natural light into the studio while also providing a sense of harmonious connection between the kitchen and living room area.