Maureen apartment

Architect: Yaryna Pevna
Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Total area: 83 sq.m

Project year: 2022

Apartment is located on the 8th floor of the residential building close to forest.
It has two bedrooms, bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen with living room.

Originally layout of the apartment consisted of the small kitchen and  the living room.
Main task was to create an open and airy studio, with a large table as a focal point that creates warm and welcoming atmosphere for gatherings.
With clean lines & ample counter space, this space were designed for dinner parties.

Kitchen was designed for maximum storage space, preparation, and cooking space. It includes a built-in side-by-side refrigerator and an oven with microwave functionality.
The kitchen island and table were crafted in a way that enables part of the table to slide into the island, optimizing space in the living room.
When necessary, the table can easily expand to accommodate more guests,without any transformation mechanism.

The hallway features custom furniture with a mirror, hangers, and a small drawer for convenience. Additionally, it boasts the stylish “Drova” pouf by WOO Furniture, which adds both a comfortable seating option and a unique design element to the space.

The hallway is separated from the living room by a versatile sliding wooden wall, which serves a dual purpose: it effectively divides the space, offering privacy when required while preserving the living room’s sense of spaciousness. This sliding wall also functions as a door to access a walk-in closet, providing practicality and efficient use of space.

The bedroom is designed as a cozy and intimate space, made in neutral palette with sandstone color accents and has spacious walk-in closet.

It reflects our client’s passion for painting, infusing the interior with an artistic sensibility and a twist of texture.

The bathroom was made with a neutral palette accentuated by vibrant orange accents, complemented by elegant brass faucets, and enriched with the inviting warmth of wood elements.